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Your program and CDs are the best I ever experienced. Marketing and sales is the hardest part, for me, about my job. I liked that your session was specifically geared to our industry and you researched our field.

J. Lynn Clark, Clark & Associates Court Reporters

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Your webinar was excellent, informative and something that is not a rehash of the same old same old. I'm looking forward to more of your programs.

Ivan Romanow
Dir. Sales & Marketing
div. of Sonepar Canada

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Jenae was a significant contributor to our six-fold growth. She delivers very successful results with unreasonable deadlines.

Roger Miles, CEO, Miles Media Group

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Jenae is the ultimate sales and marketing professional. She consistently produced higher quality and innovative products which drove increased revenue, profitability and greater Advertiser satisfaction.

Ray Reher, President, Innovative CFOs

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Very good useful -
information... Easy to
implement and personalize.

Lynda Van de Putte
Senior Sales & Marketing
ASI Plastics

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In this down economy, thanks to you, we had our biggest week in five years. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't of done it. You're right. We can let everyone else commoditize themselves while we sell on rate card without discounting. Jenae, you are a gift to us from God.

Jeff & Cheryl Morey
Nursery Retailer

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Your Stress-Free Selling CD package is pivotal. It's uncanny how you pinpoint my subconscious obstacles, so I can see my way to success. Application of content from your first CD alone is already producing noticeable results! Your workshop and coaching provide the ticket for the direction I needed in my business. You already had a positive effect on a follow-up call (just two days after one-hour seminar).

Arden Halsey
Send Out Cards

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Common sense ideas that aren't so common!

Lisa Chamberlain
National Sales Manager
Tampa Bay CVB

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You presented more great ideas in an hour than I have ink in my pen!

Peter Roos
Publishing in Paradise

Webinars - Getting In & Getting Appointments AND Successful First Calls

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Overcome Overcoming Sales Objections

Stress-Free Selling®
Puts Proven Resources at Your Command

Grow your sales.

To grow your sales, you know you need to grow your sales techniques. Even then you'll still only succeed when your sales training is effective, efficient and proven. Herein lies the true benefit and value of Stress-Free Selling.®

The Manuals, Mp3s, Webinars and Special Reports detailed below are proven to overcome your biggest sales challenges once and for all, so you can reach and exceed your goals consistently.

Here's a sampling of actual results and responses received:

"Jenae has a no-nonsense approach. If you use her techniques, you will see an increase in results. We did."

Brad Bentley, General Manager, Big Rig Owner
"If Jenae doesn't get your creative juices flowing, you don't belong in sales!"
Don Hendress, Hendress Marketing
"I upgraded my biggest customer... a $20,600 sale! They didn't hesitate when I presented the proposal. Thanks so much."

Courtney Hammond, Gulfstream
"Jenae has more great ideas than I have ink in my pen!"

Peter Roos, Publishing in Paradise
"Thanks to you, I made a $27,000 initial sale to a Prospect I had been totally unable to get in touch with."

Steve Jabon, Conway Data

And Ruth, a 14-year sales veteran:
  • Became the top producer for her Company's two primary products
  • Nearly doubled her sales (95%+ increase) in just one year
  • Increased her average sale 19%, bringing the Company's primary product to the highest cost-per-sale in their portfolio

Stress-Free Selling®: The System...

SFS Manual System: sales training, Courses, Solutions & Consulting; How to launch a magazine start-ups, franchise a magazineThe Stress-Free Selling® program comes complete in three manuals and has several bonuses - including a Playbook where you create strategies, tactics and answers to your specific challenges. Follow this program, and you will absolutely increase your sales surprisingly quickly and easily.

• Stress-Free Selling®: The System in 3 Manuals

One-On-One Coaching...

Do you need help overcoming your specific objections and obstacles? Whether you make sales by phone, in person or in writing, I can help you overcome overcoming objections... now. As Summer Rawlins said to me yesterday, "My closing ratio's 100% right now!" Of course that will reconcile. The point is, even in today's economy, even in the depressed real estate market, she is selling. And so can you.

• One-On-One Coaching, Read more


Some people prefer learning by watching. So go ahead and create a video library to grow your sales. Watch as often as you wish. Have a sales meeting to discuss each segment. As with all the other tools, follow the recommendations, and you will grow your sales.

The Approach - webinars

Stress-Free Selling®: Make Objections Disappear (Overview)
Stress-Free Selling®: Intention Dictates Conversation
Stress-Free Selling®: Getting In & Getting Appointments
Stress-Free Selling®: Successful First Calls
Stress-Free Selling®: Present Successfully
Stress-Free Selling®: Closing Secrets
Stress-Free Selling®: More Closing Secrets
Stress-Free Selling®: Questions that Advance Sales

Advanced Sales - webinars

Stress-Free Selling®: Easily Identify Hot Buttons & Ignite Desire
Stress-Free Selling®: Eliminate Fake Objections
Stress-Free Selling®: If Selling Is Not Telling, How do I do it?!
Stress-Free Selling®: Magical Expressions
Stress-Free Selling®: Write Letters & Proposals that Sell
Stress-Free Selling®: Non-Traditional Stress-Free Selling®

Overcoming Objections - webinars

Stress-Free Selling®: Turn Objections Into Ads - Part 1
Stress-Free Selling®: Turn Objections Into Ads - Part 2


CD photo: sales training, Courses, Solutions & Consulting; How to launch a magazine start-ups, franchise a magazineConvert "Drive Time" into "Money-Making Time". Just turn the music down and your sales up by listening to these proven Stress-Free Selling® CD's and Mp3s. Listening when you're not in the car is great, too. Just like your new level of success.

Stress-Free Selling®: Make Objections Disappear
Stress-Free Selling®: Turn Objections Into Sales
Stress-Free Selling®: Take the "Sales" Out of Selling
Non-Traditional Stress-Free Selling®

Special Reports...

Special Reports cover: sales training, Courses, Solutions & Consulting; How to launch a magazine start-ups, franchise a magazineDiscover how a downturn in the economy can become a boom time for you, putting you way ahead of your competitors... now and for several years in the future. This Special Report chronicles every economic "down" time since the Great Depression and how those who came out ahead used advertising!

Sure-Fire Results.

Listen to, watch and read these valuable resources repeatedly. Each time you'll incorporate more and more of the great ideas these proven tools contain.

You'll improve your sales.

You'll boost your business.

And you'll do it stress-free.

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