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Success Stories

If we had started working with you one more earlier, we would have been profitable on our second issue.

Summer Rawlins

$ $ $ $ $

In this down economy, thanks to you, we had our biggest week in five years. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't of done it. You're right. We can let everyone else commoditize themselves while we sell on rate card without discounting. Jenae, you are a gift to us from God.

Jeff & Cheryl Morey
Nursery Retailer

$ $ $ $ $

You presented more great ideas in an hour than I have ink in my pen!

Peter Roos
Publishing in Paradise

$ $ $ $ $

Jenae is the ultimate sales and marketing professional. She consistently produced higher quality and innovative products which drove increased revenue, profitability and greater Advertiser satisfaction.

Ray Reher
Innovative CFOs

$ $ $ $ $

I took your advice and upgraded my biggest customer... a $20,600 sale.  They didn't even hesitate when I presented the proposal. Thanks so much!

Courtney Hammond
Account Executive

$ $ $ $ $

Common sense ideas that aren't so common!

Lisa Chamberlain
National Sales Manager
Tampa Bay CVB

$ $ $ $ $

Your program and CDs are the best I ever experienced. Marketing and sales is the hardest part, for me, about my job. I liked that your session was specifically geared to our industry and you researched our field.

J. Lynn Clark
Clark & Associates Court Reporters

Overcome Overcoming Sales Objections

Effective, Proven Sales Consulting

If your company isn't where it should be, it's time for change.

Regardless what competitors do, you can set the rules. Start with philosophies and strategies that create wins for your Reps, customers and Company. You can.

  • Create products that fulfill desire
  • Close more sales and faster
  • Derive more revenue from existing customers
  • Eliminate discounting as your business approach
  • Keep top producers and improve morale
  • Turn your product sheets into a paper salesmen... not just a me-too, throw-away
  • Use smart marketing tactics to make your phone ring and decrease attrition

The process is simple:

Uncover the reasons sales are not up to par and the solutions to bring you to the #1 position. Your company could be the best. I'll show you how. Here are the steps to get you there...

Step 1: Determine needs
In this two part step, we first determine what is important to you. Then we talk with your customers and prospects to find out what is critical to them.

Step 2: Analyze your product
Here we determine where you do and do not excel.

Step 3: Study competition
Here we find opportunities to position you as the indisputable choice.

Step 4: Evaluate sales process
We evaluate your entire sales process from prospecting to presenting to closing. Fitting this piece into the puzzle, we are able to create a plan to take you to #1. We will recommend modifications that make your product the clear choice; and create the collateral that makes sales easy.

Step 5: Guarantee satisfaction
Results are guaranteed if you follow the recommendations, and I'll work with you until your goal is met. I am committed to your success.

"Jenae, While I'm looking forward to our additional, scheduled projects, we already more than got our money's worth."

Ken Smart, President, Gallagher Promotional Products

Sample Sales and Marketing Projects

Create marketing plans with a goal of #1 in your market
From concept to kick off, create the product that's easy to sell and give the sales people the support to make it happen. » Read more

Reposition existing products to take you to #1 in your market
I specialize in turning around products being clobbered. » Read more

Sales tools that make it easy to sell
Give reps the support they need to close faster. » Read more

sales training programs to get new hires off to a fast start
Get them off the ground running faster. Reduce the time it takes to make a sales person confident and self-sufficient.

Sales mapping
Identify precisely where sales come to reduce the amount of time to reach goals.

Sales compensation program
Is your compensation program working for or against you? Does it help you get and keep the best and most qualified sales people?

Sales territory analysis
Do you need to reorganize your sales territories. You want to maximize the potential so each Rep has fair potential, and so each is comfortable with the realignment. » Read more

Create smart marketing programs
There are a lot of expensive ways to keep your name in front of your prospects. And this is important since no sales person can call his customers and prospects as often as he would like. There just isn't enough time. So, you need smart programs that keep you top of mind and continue to build upon your good will and credibility. » Read more

Stress-Free Selling® starts with a call and a plan
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